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Hayley Michelle from Tyler, Texas:
To remove hairspray and other buildup, lather up with shampoo, and then work in a teaspoon of salt and rinse.

Thomas McGuffey from Amarillo, Texas:
No putty to cover the nail holes in the wall? Try toothpaste. Most homes have it. It comes in convenient tubes and the white color it just right!

Frank Jackson from El Paso, Texas:
Are those cedar blocks in your armoire or the walls in your cedar chest loosing their distinctive aroma? Sand ‘em down – lightly with fine grit of sandpaper.

James Sydney from Killeen, Texas:
Where to put a home office? How about converting a closet with a shelf at about 30 inches from the floor for a desk and cabinets above? You can close the door on it when you’re not working.

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