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Shopping “Made in Texas” items on A means….

  • Supports Education-a portion of the all the sales proceeds supports arts and music education in Texas public schools
  • Safe-In light of recent recalls of foriegn products, they buy direct from the vendor-no illegal paints or dyes used, no unregulated ingredients-they know where everything comes from and what it is made of
  • Environmentally friendly-100 percent Texas organic cotton, organic foods
  • Supports our economy by increasing demand on manufacturing within the state
  • Creates more jobs in Texas
  • Saves money-shopping online versus traditional shopping saves gas
  • Award-winning-our products are the industry leaders for awards in their categories
  • Everything’s bigger in Texas-Where else can you buy a real registered Texas Longhorn steer or chuckwagon?
  • Supports small business-boosts local municipalities growth and local farmers and handcraftsmen within our great State of Texas
  • Specialty items-Always great gifts for giving-This weekend on A Texas Style, we will have special designs for home and jewelry available to help with breast cancer awareness and support survivors and their families including beautiful pink ribbons in stained glass by Gary Hivnor, an Angel of Hope necklace and ceiling fan pull from Mystic Angel, and pink ribboned Christmas ornaments handpainted by Garland’s Pattilu Bowlsdy that say “Texas Hearts Unite.”

August 27 was LBJ Day in Texas. I wonder what he would think of what Texas has become.  For any of you who are celebrating this day or what would have been his 100th birthday this week might want to check out this month’s D Magazine and read Glenn Arbery LBJ tribute or find some of his favorite things on A…It prompted me to think about what I would get him if he were having a birthday party this week…

He would probably get a big hoot out of the fact that he could order Texas Longhorns in pairs or threesomes on the site and get free shipping.

He loved tossing his Stetson into the crowds so he would probably appreciate getting to restock his collection with the Cowboys Hats made in Texas like the Catalena “Gus” Cowboy Hat as seen on Robert Duvall in Lonesome Dove. Click here

He also liked hunting so he would appreciate the Friction Holder knives

Oh and don’t forget about his dogs that he loved-he might have loved to put Him and Her, his beagles in the Round Camel Dudley pet bed

His Lady Bird loved flowers and they might have loved the idea of being able to ship Texas flower seeds to their friends like sending a real Republic of Texas Rose

He would have gotten a kick out of the award-winning Zesty Fish and Shrimp Rub for his seafood from Texas Choice.

 I know I would love to have seen him open up a box with an SOS Organic Cotton T from Lubbock that said “Don’t Mess With Texas” because he passed away before that saying was made popular. It would have looked great on his strapping 6 foot three frame. You can buy the real deal

Happy Birthday, LBJ! Say hi to grandaddy for me!

Love, Shannon

As a third-generation Texan I learned the finer points of shooting, ranching and hunting from my grandfather growing up. His ranch occupied what we now know at Ft. Hood in Killeen, Texas and it was a favorite place of my family.  As I look back on the special times we had together, I would have loved to share all the Texas treats that I now carry on A Texas Style with him and my grandmother.  There are many great gift ideas on A Texas to honor your grandparents this weekend for Grandparents Day.

Here is a great idea for your grandmother.  Cooking Texas-style would not be the same without Jean Cates and Sue Cunningham, The Chuckwagon Sisters Cook Books and metal casting pans for making Texas or cowboy boot-shaped cakes or cornbread shaped as an ear of corn. Click on the following links to purchase

For grandfathers, nothing is better then grilling steaks outside during football season when the grandkids are over. Except how do you keep things straight while visiting when so many pieces of meat are on the grill?  I found a ranch in Texas that has created custom branding irons for A Texas with “M” for Medium, “W” for Well-done, and “R” for Rare. The set is $59.95 and is now available and makes a great “unexpectedly clever” gift for Grandpa. 

Branding Irons Set for Grilling Meats


Let’s give a big collective Texas holler for all our great forefathers and mothers in Texas and throughout the world and express our gratitude for the love and warmth they have shown us.


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