August 27 was LBJ Day in Texas. I wonder what he would think of what Texas has become.  For any of you who are celebrating this day or what would have been his 100th birthday this week might want to check out this month’s D Magazine and read Glenn Arbery LBJ tribute or find some of his favorite things on A…It prompted me to think about what I would get him if he were having a birthday party this week…

He would probably get a big hoot out of the fact that he could order Texas Longhorns in pairs or threesomes on the site and get free shipping.

He loved tossing his Stetson into the crowds so he would probably appreciate getting to restock his collection with the Cowboys Hats made in Texas like the Catalena “Gus” Cowboy Hat as seen on Robert Duvall in Lonesome Dove. Click here

He also liked hunting so he would appreciate the Friction Holder knives

Oh and don’t forget about his dogs that he loved-he might have loved to put Him and Her, his beagles in the Round Camel Dudley pet bed

His Lady Bird loved flowers and they might have loved the idea of being able to ship Texas flower seeds to their friends like sending a real Republic of Texas Rose

He would have gotten a kick out of the award-winning Zesty Fish and Shrimp Rub for his seafood from Texas Choice.

 I know I would love to have seen him open up a box with an SOS Organic Cotton T from Lubbock that said “Don’t Mess With Texas” because he passed away before that saying was made popular. It would have looked great on his strapping 6 foot three frame. You can buy the real deal

Happy Birthday, LBJ! Say hi to grandaddy for me!

Love, Shannon