Shopping “Made in Texas” items on A means….

  • Supports Education-a portion of the all the sales proceeds supports arts and music education in Texas public schools
  • Safe-In light of recent recalls of foriegn products, they buy direct from the vendor-no illegal paints or dyes used, no unregulated ingredients-they know where everything comes from and what it is made of
  • Environmentally friendly-100 percent Texas organic cotton, organic foods
  • Supports our economy by increasing demand on manufacturing within the state
  • Creates more jobs in Texas
  • Saves money-shopping online versus traditional shopping saves gas
  • Award-winning-our products are the industry leaders for awards in their categories
  • Everything’s bigger in Texas-Where else can you buy a real registered Texas Longhorn steer or chuckwagon?
  • Supports small business-boosts local municipalities growth and local farmers and handcraftsmen within our great State of Texas
  • Specialty items-Always great gifts for giving-This weekend on A Texas Style, we will have special designs for home and jewelry available to help with breast cancer awareness and support survivors and their families including beautiful pink ribbons in stained glass by Gary Hivnor, an Angel of Hope necklace and ceiling fan pull from Mystic Angel, and pink ribboned Christmas ornaments handpainted by Garland’s Pattilu Bowlsdy that say “Texas Hearts Unite.”