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A Texas CelebratesTexas Independence Day March 2


Buy Texas!

Buying Texas-Made Products Made by Texans Reinvests in the Lone Star State’s Economy and Create More Jobs


Dallas, TX-(February 27, 2009) In Tuesday’s speech to Congress President Obama said, “History reminds us that at every moment of economic upheaval and transformation, this nation has responded with bold action and big ideas.” March 2 is the day when the Texas Declaration of Independence was literally written and signed overnight by Delegates of Congress in 1836 when the Alamo in San Antonio was under siege by Santa Anna’s Army.  In celebration of our forefathers and our independence from Mexico, A Texas Style [] (ATS) is selling framed copies of the Texas Declaration of Independence and other historical and patriotic items on its e-commerce site which features products made right here in Texas.


Our economy is now under siege and President Obama’s speech on Tuesday night called for Americans again to regain their lead in the respective industries, i.e. automotive, that were invented here at home and said, “…I do not accept a future where the jobs and industries of tomorrow take root beyond our borders — and I know you don’t, either. It is time for America to lead again.” 


There is a way to initiate that leadership one state at a time, and that is by putting our purchasing power to good use. Buying Texas-made products and doing business with Texas businesses creates more jobs here at home.  Check out the last Texas T-shirt you bought (online, at a festival or at the mall) and chances are it was made in China.  “If we are going to create jobs in Texas, it is time to buy Texas and support the great entrepreneurs and small businesses of our state,” said ATS Co-Founder and CEO Anthony McClure, who is also an SMU Cox Graduate School of Business Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship Studies.

A Texas’s Co-Founder, President and Fifth Generation Texan Shannon Barnett worked for six years to gather award-winning and notable products either made, grown and/or manufactured in Texas and has assembled more than 200 vendors on their e-commerce site which launched last fall. “We want to utilize our current relationships and global Internet presence to increase awareness of all Texas talent and all Texas companies.  We also want to donate a portion of sponsorships and profits to educating the talent of the future and highlighting and preserving the legacy of its pioneers and great business leaders and products,” said Barnett.

According to the State of Texas web site Texas Wide Open for, the only area where Texas has not seen economic growth in the past year is in manufacturing.  The Texas Association of Manufacturers states that “manufacturing is the engine that drives prosperity in Texas and across the U.S. It is central to our economic security – creating high quality jobs and benefits, and providing tax revenue for schools and other important government services.” For more information go to

This month, The U.S. Department of Commerce has named Texas the top exporting state in the nation for the seventh year in a row based on 2008 export data. Texas’ exports increased more than 14 percent over the last year, totaling $192.14 billion, approximately $23.92 billion more than 2007.  If Texas were its own country, it would rank No. 12 in the world for its gross domestic product.

“Maintaining our rank as the nation’s top exporting state is proof positive that Texas has sound policies in place to cushion it from the effects of an economic downturn,” said Texas Governor Rick Perry. “By maintaining low taxes and reasonable and predictable regulations, business in Texas can continue to flourish, ensuring our ongoing position as a top exporting state and competitor in the global marketplace.” “Most people don’t know that the most popular piece of yard art in Italy is the longhorn steer,” said Barnett.  ATS actually sells those steers on its web site.

It is time to bank on Texas again.  Texas is globally recognized for its consumer products and culture. Mary Kay Cosmetics, the memory chip from Texas Instruments, designer apparel, handicrafts and art, its sports franchises, and the list goes on.  According to the State Comptroller of Texas Susan Combs, the gross amount of retail products sold is set to increase by $9.6 billion dollars over the next two years.  The fastest growing sector of small businesses is minority and women-owned businesses. ATS and the majority of its more than 200 vendors qualify in this category.

Shopping on also gives back to the community and our culture.  ATS has already donated a portion of its sales proceeds to support arts and music in Texas public schools.  They have recently presented a check to the Grapevine-Colleyville ISD Education Foundation, sponsored a free concert and art exhibition for Richardson and Plano school students and recently partnered with Friends of Texas Public Schools. ATS created a 501 [c] 3 non-profit organization called the Lone Star Dream Foundation whose mission is to educate and enrich all generations in expanding their knowledge of Texas History by bringing it to life through the arts of music and theater. They are in the process of creating a children’s television show called “Camp Cookie” to illustrate this mission with Texas musician K.R. Wood who has toured and taught children across the state for many years.

Shopping “Made in Texas” items on A means….

·        Supports Education-a portion of the all the sales proceeds supports arts, music and history education in Texas public schools and students who are underserved


·        Pays our taxes-Texas manufacturing contributes one third of all corporate taxes paid to state and local government

  • Safe-In light of recent recalls of foreign products, ATS buys direct from the vendor-no illegal paints or dyes used, no unregulated ingredients
  •  Environmentally friendly-100 percent Texas organic cotton, farm-grown foods
  • Supports our economy by increasing demand on manufacturing within the state
  • Creates more service sector and private sector jobs in Texas
  • Saves money-shopping online versus traditional shopping saves gas and retail markup
  • Award-winning-ATS products are the industry leaders for awards in their categories
  • Supports small business-boosts local municipalities’ growth, local farmers, artisans and tradesmen within the State of Texas
  • Specialty items-Celebrate Texas Independence Day by clicking on special product link for patriotic, historical and Texas-made products on sale for the holiday. Hear the Crockett Chronicles about Davy Crockett and the Alamo by Texas singer-songwriter K.R. Wood who recorded the album on Crockett’s original fiddle “Betsy.”  

Does someone you know love Texas and Texas fashion, art, music, food, culture or history? Whether you are in London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Los Angeles or Africa there is a global mystique and fascination about Texas and its culture and history that spans the globe. Did you know that Phil Collins of Genesis is the 2nd largest collector of Texas history memorabilia in the world? Texas Monthly just declared Davy Crockett the number one most stylish Texan in its current issue. If you listened to President Obama’s speech about reinvesting in America-It is also a great way to reinvest in Texas by buying products made and manufactured right here in the Lone Star State.

Collins journeyed to the Alamo last year at this time to hear K.R. Wood give his Crockett Chronicles concert for Texas Independence Day. Collins has loved Davy Crockett since he was a child. K.R. Wood actually plays Davy Crockett’s fiddle “Betsy” on this recording and met Collins at his concert. You can share Collin’s love by buying the Crockett Chronicles CD on

crockettchronicles_2248_general1Crockett Chronicles by K.R. Wood-$17.50

As featured in Texas Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, and People Newspapers, all products on are made in Texas by Texans.

Texas Independence Day is on March 1 here are the ten other ways you can declare your love for the great State of Texas:

texaspralines_1658_general1) Little Texas shaped pralines from Katy Sweet-6 pc for $29.95 and 12 piece for $49.95



republicoftexas_web_306_general12) Yellow Roses-Republic of Texas Yellow Rose bush-$50



tdi1620_8161_407_general13) Texas Declaration of Independence framed from Brazos Oaks-$149



largetexasflag_1134_general24) Fly the Texas Flag-Framed flag of Texas-$69.50



allaround_426_general5) Gotta have THE hat-George Strait Style “All Around Hat” from Catalena Hatters in Bryan, Texas-$250



rebecca_web2_1587_detail16) Learn new original songs about Texas, its land and people from Marshall,Texas native Rebecca Henricks

Rebecca Henricks-Dance with Me-$15.99-The title track recalls the singer meeting her astronaut husband on their first date and other songs that are a tribute to her love for her Texas family and their Texas roots

3packribrangersbbq_edited-1_1937_detail17) Texas BBQ and Award-Winning Chili plus something for dessert-BBQ sauces-$14.95, homemade chocolate fudge large-$19.95, award-winning Texas Choice chili mix-$5.00, take your pick!



picture40a_1691_general18) Texas Chef Hat -$16.50 or Lone Star flag placemats (set of four)-$48 or pick a men’s or ladies’ apron to match for $16.50



stopper_741_detail29) Tejas Woods wine stopper -$38, cutting board-$38-this is the finest woodwork in Texas and is featured in the Smithsonian



texascookiepan_web_1975_general110) Bake Texas-size cookies-Texas-Shaped Cast-Iron baking pan from Texas Metal Casting-$26.00

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